core services

Website Development + Landing Page Design

WordPress, WooCommerce and Custom Website Development
Let us create a web presence that gets results! A well planned, well laid out, and well designed website will help increase your online success and attract new business and customers.

Marketing + Branding

SEO, PPC, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, and Graphic Design
A great product or service means nothing without customers. Effectively promote your brand with catchy branding and bring awareness.

Hosting + Server Architecture

Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting
Getting your site online doesn’t have to be expensive. Our web hosting services are reliable and optimized to handle any traffic demand.

About Zig

Technology doesn’t have to be scary!

We are a full service IT agency and keep IT simple.

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additional services

Cyber Security Services

Security Audits, Security Consulting, Incident Response, Managed Detection, Penetration Testing, and Network Monitoring
An exponential rise of devices are coming online every day. Ensure your network and devices stay safe and secure.

IT Consulting + Support

Software, Hardware and Network Support Programs available
You are not in IT alone. You can always count on us to provide complete IT services with one of our IT consulting and support programs.

Application Development

PHP, React, aws, Google Cloud, jQuery, MySQL, iOS App and Android App Development, and more!
As technology evolves so do we. Create a unique app and bring your wildest dreams to life.

Our Services

We provide on and offline technology services. Looking for a new website, a completely new redesign, or ways to stay relevant and competitive in your industry? No problem, we are here to help you meet and even exceed your own goals! Most importantly, we have the right tools, resources and development team to bring all your ideas to life. Let’s work together to bring your vision online!

white glove serviceServices

We are an Internet Technology (IT) and online marketing agency. In addition, our wide range of on and offline services have helped many clients through the years including businesses, state and local government agencies accomplish their objectives. Nevertheless, we understand the importance of a great brand identity and the importance of creative marketing to drive it to the right audience. Fusing innovative marketing and branding strategies with creative problem solving techniques allows us to design and deliver ingenious, distinctive and unforgettable solutions.

Below is a list of our core services which we invite you to explore. In addition, we encourage you to learn more about us, what we offer and to connect with us if you have any questions. Finally, we would like to thank you for visiting our website and look forward to working with you to help propel your business to the next level and set you apart from your competition.

Our Services - Web, Marketing and IT Services

zig is at your serviceCore Services

Website + Landing Page Design

WordPress Activity Logging

24/7 Security Monitoring

Search Engine Optimization

Web and Digital Content Creation

24/7 Uptime + Error Monitoring

Digital Marketing Success

Backups + 1-Click Restore

Troubleshooting + Support

WordPress Maintenance

24/7 Performance Monitoring

Hosting + Server Architecture

Website + Landing Page Design

WordPress, WooCommerce and Custom Website Development

Your website is your company billboard. Get a digital presence that delivers results! A well planned, laid out, and attractive design will increase online success and attract new customers. Get your business online and build brand awareness with a loyal client following.

Whether you’re looking to showcase your products or services, or you need to add a full-featured shopping cart or a custom photo gallery with company-specific features, look no further. We bring your company’s needs to life!

Advanced WordPress Integrations

Project Specific Technology

Utilize the Latest Technology Platforms

Adhere to Industry Specific Strict Standards

Build With Future Enhancements in Mind

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Search Engine Optimization

WordPress SEO, Local and National SEO, SEO Audits, Link Building, SEO Consulting

Level up on your organic search rankings. Our team of experts will perform on and off-page optimization, conduct extensive keyword research, optimize site speed, establish a strong local SEO presence and so much more!

Data doesn’t lie and we base our strategy around the data that we research, collect and analyze. Collecting and analyzing data properly ensures that your customized marketing strategy is backed by the most effective source of information – raw data.

Higher Organic Search Rankings

Extensive Keyword Research

Local Business Listing

On and Off-Page Optimization

SEO Audit

Increase Organic Revenue

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Digital Marketing Success

Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid Search, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing

A great product or service means nothing without customers. Digital marketing is crucial to being competitive in the world today and provides a quick and easy way to connect with potential clients. Build brand awareness and trust while connecting directly with your targeted clients. Leverage the benefits of data-driven/targeted ads and optimize your ROI. We conduct keyword research and identify key terms that are high performing in your industry.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Paid Search

Reputation Management

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WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Core Updates, Plugin Updates, Theme Updates, PHP Updates and more

New versions of WordPress and WordPress Plugins are constantly released to resolve bugs, add new features and address security concerns. Don’t worry though, this is not a problem! We monitor and keep all software aspects up to date for you automatically. Don’t worry about missing a security fix or addressing a bug that prevents your site from functioning properly. We take care of all this for you and save you the hassle.

WordPress Core Updates

WordPress Plugin Updates

WordPress Theme Updates

PHP Updates

Linux Kernel Updates

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WordPress Activity Logging

Audit Logs for User Activity, Content Changes, System Modifications, Website Settings and more

While none of us likes the thought of a “peeping Tom” or being monitored, in some cases monitoring is critically important. Think of activity logging as a “black box” for your website. You are able to view logs of ALL activity that is performed in the WordPress Admin. Internally this is helpful when you have more than a few users managing your website. Monitor if someone is attempting to hack your website, log suspicious admin activity, know when a theme or plugin was activated or deactivated, know when and who published a post or made content changes, secure your site by tracking a log of all user activity and more!

Looking through activity logs helps you identify issues. You are able to debug site changes, improve security and help maintain a consistent safe and efficient workflow.

WordPress Core Update Changes

WordPress User Activity

Basically Everything is Logged!

Updates to Plugin, Theme, Widget, Menu, Setting, etc.

WordPress Post and Page Modifications

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Web and Digital Content Creation

Website Content, Search Engine Optimized Content, Email Copy, Social Media, Print Content, Blog Writing and more

All great stories have one thing in common, excellent content. No one knows or understands your business better than you. We will partner with you to draft effective copy – after all you are the best source of credible and accurate information around your product or service.

And yes, there is a proper way to create, structure and write copy. This is equally as important as the message that’s delivered in the content. Express your brand’s story in a way that is relatable, memorable and naturally moves people to want to share with others. We are here to help you achieve this.

Build Powerful Website Content

Develop Strategic Email Copy

Help Executing Content Delivery

Construct Search Engine Optimized Content

Craft Effective Copy Based on Your Goals

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Backups + 1-Click Restore

Fully Encrypted and Secure Google Cloud Backup Storage, Full and Daily Incremental Backups and 1-Click Restore

Backups are crucial to keeping your business IN business. One simple corrupt byte of data can take you completely down. Without a proper backup you would need to start all over from scratch. Don’t let this happen! We keep 50 days worth of backups and use fully encrypted Google Cloud servers for safe keeping.

We are aware that accidents do happen and sometimes things can go wrong. With our 1-Click restore feature, you can easily and quickly restore your site to it’s original state. Don’t take a chance and count on stale backup files or stress over complex restoration procedures to get you back up and running. Now you can have the piece of mind knowing that your business is always in good hands and has that extra safety net for those “just in case” moments.

Fully Encrypted Cloud Storage

50 Days of Backup Storage

Daily Incremental Backups

Simple 1-Click Website Restore

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24/7 Performance Monitoring

WordPress Performance Monitoring, Google PageSpeed Monitoring, Site Load Times, Bounce Rates and much more

Website performance has a direct impact on your online marketing goals. It’s important and essential to keep your website performing at its best. Whether this is through the use of caching or multiple layers or caching, a CDN to help deliver pages from servers closer to you or just optimizing scripts on your website, we take every aspect into account.

We utilize tools to help monitor and provide essential reporting to help us analyze and determine the source of any potential bottlenecks or speed bumps. This helps your visibility by lifting you up in search engine rankings and also prevents potential clients from dropping off your site before they even get a chance to see what you have to offer.

Site Load Time Monitoring

Bounce Rate Tracking

Traffic Shaping

Higher Search Rankings

Keep WordPress Running at Tip Top Shape

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24/7 Security Monitoring

Hardware Firewall, WAF (Web Application Firewall), Security Monitoring

Protect your business and investment with hardened security! We understand that no server or system is 100% secure. Unfortunately if there is a will to break into something, there is a way. Hacking can’t completely be prevented but by implementing multiple layers of security controls it can be deterred. Even deterred to the point where they will eventually give up and look for other vulnerable systems to compromise.

We monitor, log and identify suspicious activity. Our hardware firewalls and other monitoring technology alert us in real-time so we can keep the bad guys out.

Multi-Layered Security

Robust Hardware Firewalls

Web Application Firewall (WAF) Mitigation

Traffic Filtering and Monitoring

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24/7 Uptime + Error Monitoring

Realtime Server Monitoring and Alerting, 99.9% Uptime Rate and more

Our dedicated engineering team monitors our data centers 24/7 to ensure all systems are a go. We keep your business online with state of the art hardware and data centers. If there is a loss of power to one of the centers, backup generators are in place to keep juice flowing to your server until power is restored. In the even that there is a hardware failure there is a redundant hardware infrastructure. This means that other hardware will take the load until the failed hardware can be changed out. All this just means that you don’t have to worry about experiencing any downtime.

Dedicated Engineering Team

State of the Art Data Centers

Redundant Hardware Infrastructure

Realtime Server Monitoring and Alerting

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Troubleshooting + Support

IT Consulting, Hardware and Software Troubleshooting, Cyber Security Services and more

Whether you need some IT Consulting over a new purchase you are planning or over a security incident that requires a quick response, we can help with those situations. You can always count on us to provide complete IT services!

Zig Solutions has decades or experience in IT troubleshooting. Have a software or hardware question about a piece of hardware, server or network appliance? No problem! We are here to support you. Just remember you are not in IT alone!

Security Incident Response

IT Consulting Services

Hardware and Software Support

General to Advanced Support

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Hosting + Server Architecture

Development and Staging Servers, Flawless and Effortless Deployments, CI/CD Deployments

Making changes directly on a production site is like putting your life savings into one investment. If the market crashes and goes down you take a risk of losing your money.

Minimize your risk by implementing multiple environments. One for dedicated development and another to prepare and test your code before moving it to your production environment. This minimizes the risk of code or updates being deployed that can cause issues or take your site completely down. It also allows you to test as much as you want without affecting your production instance and provides you with flawless and effortless deployments.

Multiple Environments for Development and Testing

Minimize Downtime Risk

Smoother Deployments

Simplified QA Testing

Dedicated Development Environment

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We offer custom website design, SEO and digital marketing to fulfill your goals. We have found that most people prefer choosing WordPress CMS so they can keep their website and clients updated more easily and efficiently. Just let us know your goals, how often you plan on updating your website, and if you'd prefer that we keep it updated for you.

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Technology doesn’t have to be scary. We simplify IT and work with you through every stage of your project or consultation.

Whether you're looking for a new website or redesign, to position and market your brand more effectively on the search engines, or are in need of some IT Consulting or Security Consulting support, you can count on Zig Solutions to be with you through every step of your journey.


Anthony with Zig Solutions is an outstanding information technology resource whose creativity and ability to get the job done is second to none. His work product will please customers over and over again as he goes above and beyond to ensure quality. Give them a call, you will not be disappointed.

Alfred T.
Moriah Christian Center

My website has been with ZIG hosting for many years and I am extremely satisfied with its professional services: fast, reliable, inexpensive, generous, and courteous. My statement here is to thank ZIG for all those qualities that I expect a web hosting service should possess. I would like to recommend ZIG to you for your website hosting services.


We have used Anthony with Zig Solutions services for about a year now. We are very pleased with his professionalism, attentiveness and follow-up. He has quickly and efficiently solved all of our IT needs, and is invaluable to my team. We wouldn’t think of using anyone else!

Nicole P.

We have tried many hosting companies but ZIG Hosting is definitely the overall best in service, quality, uptime and support.

Highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable and helpful hosting solution.

Tallahassee, Florida
Florida Fitness Supply