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Website Development + Landing Page Design

WordPress, WooCommerce and Custom Website Development
Let us create a web presence that gets results! A well planned, well laid out, and well designed website will help increase your online success and attract new business and customers.

Marketing + Branding

SEO, PPC, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, and Graphic Design
A great product or service means nothing without customers. Effectively promote your brand with catchy branding and bring awareness.

Hosting + Server Architecture

Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting
Getting your site online doesn’t have to be expensive. Our web hosting services are reliable and optimized to handle any traffic demand.

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Technology doesn’t have to be scary!

We are a full service IT agency and keep IT simple.

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Cyber Security Services

Security Audits, Security Consulting, Incident Response, Managed Detection, Penetration Testing, and Network Monitoring
An exponential rise of devices are coming online every day. Ensure your network and devices stay safe and secure.

IT Consulting + Support

Software, Hardware and Network Support Programs available
You are not in IT alone. You can always count on us to provide complete IT services with one of our IT consulting and support programs.

Application Development

PHP, React, aws, Google Cloud, jQuery, MySQL, iOS App and Android App Development, and more!
As technology evolves so do we. Create a unique app and bring your wildest dreams to life.

Cyber Security Services

Unfortunately, no one is immune from becoming a victim of Cyber Security attacks or a security breach these days. If your devices are on a network or connected online, you automatically have a big target on your back by default.

Technology is becoming more sophisticated and smart but so are the attacks. The threat landscape is growing and more bad actors are coming online every day. Attack vectors are also ever increasing as more devices come online. This means there are exponentially more and more ways to access and infiltrate your devices, network and even your entire business.

Don’t let this happen to your business. Let us help improve your security posture and shelter your business from any additional unnecessary risk.

your virtual security guardCyber Security Services

With all the common every day challenges businesses face, there is a newer and quickly evolving threat. This threat is virtual and you may not even know it’s happening until it’s too late. Unfortunately it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or even put you out of business.

Many hackers are known to be very sophisticated, part of large hacking organizations, or even government organized and run. If you are compromised by a black hat hacker, they may demand a ransom to be paid. Can you afford to pay tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to have your business data/records restored without any guarantee? This is a very common practice that impacts a huge number of businesses every day.


q & aWhy Cyber Security Services With Zig?

The Benefits

Clients under one of our consulting and support plans receive priority technical support and trouble ticket resolution. This is important when emergency situations arise that threaten one or all computers on your network and halts your businesses productivity. What happens if you lose a few hours of productivity? How does this impact your business? Can you afford to take this risk and loss of income? Reduce the additional stress related to managing your IT hardware, software and network.

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Virus, Malware, Spyware Removal +
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Application Support +
Network Support (Wired and Wireless) +
Network Stability and Hygiene Services +
Secure Sensitive Data Backup Support Solutions +
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How Are We Different?

Our team takes great pride in all the work that we do. We communicate with you every step of the way to ensure that you are always informed and updated, are satisfied with the direction of our progress, and that the final product is exactly as you envisioned.

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Still can't decide... overwhelmed... confused? Do you still have questions about Cyber Security Services and are not entirely sure if you're ready to get started? Put your fears aside and contact us, we are always here to help!

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We offer custom website design to fit your goals and budget. We have found that most people prefer choosing WordPress CMS so they can keep their website and clients updated more easily and efficiently. Just let us know your goals, how often you plan on updating your website, and if you'd prefer that we keep it updated for you.

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Technology doesn’t have to be scary. We simplify IT and work with you through every stage of your project or consultation.

Whether you're looking for a new website or redesign, to position and market your brand more effectively on the search engines, or are in need of some IT Consulting or Security Consulting support, you can count on Zig Solutions to be with you through every step of your journey.


Anthony with Zig Solutions is an outstanding information technology resource whose creativity and ability to get the job done is second to none. His work product will please customers over and over again as he goes above and beyond to ensure quality. Give them a call, you will not be disappointed.

Alfred T.
Moriah Christian Center

My website has been with ZIG hosting for many years and I am extremely satisfied with its professional services: fast, reliable, inexpensive, generous, and courteous. My statement here is to thank ZIG for all those qualities that I expect a web hosting service should possess. I would like to recommend ZIG to you for your website hosting services.


We have used Anthony with Zig Solutions services for about a year now. We are very pleased with his professionalism, attentiveness and follow-up. He has quickly and efficiently solved all of our IT needs, and is invaluable to my team. We wouldn’t think of using anyone else!

Nicole P.

We have tried many hosting companies but ZIG Hosting is definitely the overall best in service, quality, uptime and support.

Highly recommend to anyone looking for a reliable and helpful hosting solution.

Tallahassee, Florida
Florida Fitness Supply