About Us

Zig Solutions, Inc. was founded in Tallahasee, FL in 1999. At that time we specialized in troubleshooting computers and networks, building custom computers and setting up small networks for our clients. Within a couple years we expanded to offer IT support and web hosting.

As we've grown, our expertise and services have expanded to meet the latest business demands and technology. In our 13+ years of providing IT services we have helped countless businesses thrive and have created numerous custom websites and applications. This evolution has expanded into state and government agencies which require more demanding technical consulting and custom solutions.

We are a Dun & Bradstreet accredited corporation, a Registered Microsoft Partner, and have CompTIA A+ and Network+ Certified Professionals.

Working With Us

Technology doesn't have to be scary. We simplify IT and work with you through every stage of your project.

Together we will go over your ideas, needs, and expectations. From there we will come up with a solution custom tailored to your requirements and propose the best competitive price. Throughout the process we will stay in contact to ensure that we are staying in line with your ideas. By the end of the project you will watch your concept turn into reality with guaranteed satisfaction.

Whether this is a completely new concept or if you have an existing product we make starting and transitioning easy.


Why Zig Solutions?

  • Trust
  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Friendliness
  • Professionalism
  • Satisfaction
  • Value

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We are committed to exceeding your expectations.
Anthony Cottom - CEO, Zig Solutions, Inc.