Zig Solutions

QUESTION:  Do you like challenges?      If so, we have one for you...

Can you captivate and hold a potential customers attention in the first four to eight seconds that they lay eyes on your website or brand identity? If so, congratulations! Chances are you've just won over a new customer.

First impressions really do matter! The presentation of your website, custom app or web application, and brand identity need to be appealing and captivating. Having a well designed and implemented online presence is the key to catching the eye of a potential customer. Did you know that the average attention span for web users is four to eight seconds? This means that you must actively capture the attention of a potential customer within four to eight seconds to further engage them in your website.

What Can We Do For Your Business?

Don't Hire Us Sign Zig Solutions, Inc. is a non-traditional full service Internet Technology agency that provides a wide range of services to businesses and state and local government agencies. We are technical leaders that understand the importance of brand identity and creative marketing. We have been in the IT and marketing space for over 13 years with combined industry experience totaling over 50 years. We merge innovative branding and marketing strategies together with creative problem-solving techniques to design and deliver ingenious, distinguished and unforgettable solutions.

Our specialties encompass a variety of IT and Business Consulting services such as Logo Design and Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Hosting, Mobile App Development, Web Application and Database Development, Collaboration and Syncing, Online Data Storage and Backup, Business Consulting and Support, IT Consulting and Support, and Digital Media and Internet Marketing. These specialties allow us to assist you no matter what stage you are in your business.

We offer completely customized solutions which means that we can bring any idea to life!

How Do You Choose An Effective Online Technology Company?

Best Choice Badge The first thing that probably enters your mind when choosing a firm to provide any product or service is "how much is this going to cost?" Just remember that you get what you pay for and in our industry there are so many fly-by-night companies that will promise you the world. Think about the results that you desire to achieve, what kind of resource or team you will be working with while your project goes from concept to reality, and how much would a 20% or more increase in your business mean to you financially.

We have extensive project management experience in handling small to large scale custom solutions. Our creative team and partners include top professionals in the field consisting of graphic and web designers, mobile app and web application developers, database architects, certified IT hardware and network engineers, copywriters, on- and offline marketing strategists, digital media and Internet marketing strategists and analysts, professional photographers, and the list goes on.

We combine innovative branding and marketing strategies together with creative problem-solving techniques to design and deliver ingenious, distinguished and unforgettable solutions. We are committed to our projects and take great pride in all of our work. Our goal is to provide you with clean and attractive solutions that deliver successful results. To ensure quality and satisfaction we take a "hands on" approach and involve you throughout the whole process. Just think...anyone can offer cookie cutter results. We offer unique solutions tailored to fit your needs utilizing the latest technology and industry techniques.