Collaboration and Syncing

Being away from your team, office or computer is no excuse for decreased productivity. Work from anywhere, on any device, with your team in real-time with our collaboration and syncing services.

Zig Solutions develops and deploys SharePoint solutions that will make your company more productive and more efficient. These deployments include collaboration platforms, custom application integration, Intranets, departmental solution workflows and custom portals.

You can count on our team of SharePoint experts in knowing that the SharePoint solution we implement meets your companies needs while still allowing your current IT resources to remain focused on your companies core business.

This Is Powerfull!

Now you have the capability to remotely manage and collaborate on any document from start to finish, publish marketing analysis reports with your marketing team, build a community to share ideas and work together on multiple projects, build custom business applications for your organization, store all your content in a centralized location with automatic syncing and backups so you'll never have to worry about losing any of your data.

With our custom collaboration and syncing solutions you will never have to worry about forgetting your important documents at the office or not being able to communicate and work with your team from a remote location. You are now able to work with your whole team in real-time. A "virtual" office and working remotely has never been so simple!

The Technology

Working on a project in a team environment where collaboration is important requires robust solutions that you can depend on. We deploy numerous industry standard and creative solutions to make this as effortless and seamless as possible for your organizations IT professionals, developers, and end users.

Ready To Get Started?

We start by clearly identifying your goals and needs to create the perfect solution that will make collaboration, syncing, and productivity straight-forward, very simple, and easy. Our SharePoint services range from setting up, customizing, integrating, developing, and deploying custom solutions for your business.

  • Google Docs/Drive
  • Google Mail
  • Google Sync
  • Computer Setup for Numerous Operating Systems
  • Mobile Device Setup
  • Existing Data Migration
  • SharePoint Consulting
  • SharePoint Installation and Maintenance
  • SharePoint Integration
  • SharePoint Custom Application Development and Integration
  • SharePoint Collaboration Platforms
  • SharePoint Intranets
  • SharePoint Departmental Solution Workflows
  • SharePoint Custom Portals
  • SharePoint Sites
  • SharePoint Communities
  • SharePoint Content
  • SharePoint Search
  • SharePoint Insight
  • SharePoint Composites

Ready to get started?