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Who Is Moriah Christian Center?

The Moriah Christian Center is a Purpose Driven Church and it is important for a church or ministry to have a basic or fundamental stance as it relates to doctrine. The Bible or the Word of God is central to everything we do and believe.

Purpose Statement:

To build a 21st century church that understand the true meaning of being a member of the body of Christ. A church that provides an environment of love where learning is the focus and vehicle for christian growth and development. To develop believers who:

• Worship God in spirit and in truth.
• Love one another
• Students of the Holy Spirit
• Serve with humility
• Share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Therefore developing a corporate body of believers that have been properly attached and integrated into the church ready to serve in the Kingdom of God.

To develop purpose driven believers that have strong personal relationship with God who take a delight ...

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in fulfilling the Great Command (Matthew 22:37-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20).

To re-establish God's purpose for the local church as a community based ministry that seek and save the lost, preach the gospel to the poor, provides love to those who are hurting, protects the disadvantaged and provides for the unfortunate. To promulgate and perpetuate the will of God in the community.

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