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Who Is Crazy Life Photography?

I was born and raised in the Central Valley of California. While in high school, I took a black and white photography class where I learned the basics of using a SLR camera and how operate in a darkroom. After graduating high school, I moved to Portland, Oregon and attended the University of Portland. After two years in Portland, I transfered to Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. While in Ohio I took a photography class, the class ended up being a joke, but it did get me into the habit of taking my camera with me everywhere.

I spent a short period of time in Houston, Texas (2003-2004), but soon found myself back in California living with Sequoia National Park in my backyard (2004-2005). After my first few visits to Sequoia, I fell in love with the park and bought my first digital SLR camera to help me capture the beauty that surrounded me. I moved north and spent five years in Humboldt County exploring the Redwoods (2005-2010) and recently moved to Kansas City (2011).

I take my camera with me everywhere and it ...

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seems like every weekend I am trying to plan my next excursion either in my car or on my bicycle. I hope that you enjoy browsing through my photos. If you see one that you like, let me know. Prints, as large as 20x30, are available for virtually all photos featured.

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