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Who Is Core Function Fitness?


Our mission is to educate, motivate, and train individuals on evidence based practices to help them reach their optimal potential in health and fitness.

Philosophy: Being fit is for EVERYONE, not just the elite athletic few. We understand exercising is time out of your busy life and isn't exciting for some people. Getting in shape is often associated with boring exercise routines.Core Function Fitness is here to show you how exercising can be fun and innovative time management.Our focus is to provide effective exercises in a fun format, eliminating boredom and inconsistent exercise habits.

Our training focus is on functional and integrated training, working our bodies the way that we use them. This means working large and small muscle groups alike, moving multiple joints through full ranges of motion, and constantly emphasizing stability and body control.

High-quality integrated training will train your body to be strong, healthy, balanced, ...

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and stable. In addition, it will help you build muscle, burn calories, and rapidly increase strength and endurance.

Core Function Fitness based in South Florida Palm beach County, is health and fitness business that helps clients become healthier by increasing their fitness levels and improving on nutrition.

Services include:
• Initial consultation
• Effective personalized fitness training and nutrition program design, planning and implementation according to the individual's or group's needs and requirements.
• Nutrition Coaching
• Instruction, motivation and monitoring of exercise activities, cardiovascular conditioning, stretching, and muscle conditioning, building and toning.
• Demonstrating various types corrective injury prevention exercises and techniques
• Helping clients improve their exercising techniques and performance
• Performing health-risk analysis to identify areas of potential concern (such as diet, smoking and alcohol).
• Advising clients on how to modify their lifestyle to improve their fitness.

Keeping records of the clients' exercise sessions to monitor their progress towards physical fitness to help them reach their goals.

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